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A P P E A R I N G  A T  Our Lady Queen of Angels
FEBRUARY 28, 2015

Be Bold Be Catholic  TM 

Feel free to check back in the event that new tickets become available.  

By 2008, Matthew Kelly had spent almost  15 years on the road, spoken to  3 million people in more than  50 countries, written a  dozen bestselling books which had been published in  25  languages and sold  millions of copies .  He visited more than  2000 parishes in the U.S. alone, and traveled more than  3 million miles to share the Gospel with men, women, and children of all ages.  Then he began to dream how it would be possible to have  100 times more impact, and his institution, The Dynamic Catholic Institute, and this speaking series was born.

By attending a Passion and Purpose live event at Our Lady Queen of Angels, you have a chance to become part of a re-engerized Catholic Church.  Attending this event has helped many rediscover Catholicism and deepen their faith. Each ticket holder will also receive a bag containing: a copy of  The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic,  The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality CD, a prayer journal, and other informative materials, more than a $35 value.

Please prayerfully consider attending and getting tickets for the people in your life who would benefit from hearing a passionate Catholic speaker.  He will challenge you to become a better version of yourself©.  So, don't wait. 
Earlier this year, the Matthew Kelly event at St. Kilian Church in Mission Viejo sold out, leaving many people very disappointed.  With five parishes sponsoring our event, we expect tickets for OLQA to sell out well before the New Year.  Don’t be left out.  Buy now!

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